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Errinrung Visitor's Pagoda

Errinrung Visitor's Pagoda

Errinrung Visitor’s Pagoda

Covid-19 took a terrible toll on residents in many long-term homes in many communities. Fortunately, the Blue Mountains was not one of them. In fact, all of Grey-Bruce has been very fortunate. Operators of long-term care facilities were able to react in time to keep the virus out and our loved ones safe and healthy. So far, outbreaks have been limited to staff members.

But that effort has come at a cost. It meant that we could not visit our loved ones. Husbands could not visit wives. Wives could not visit husbands. Kids could not visit parents and residents inside those doors could not visit anyone.

Then the situation eased during the summer and ways were sought to facilitate family visits. Because it was safer, outdoor visitations came first, socially separated of course, but at least there were visits.

But even in summer, weather is weather. For some of our elderly, sun exposure or wind exposure or both can be too much and who wants to visit in the rain. Enter the Errinrung Visitor’s Pagoda, a 20x20 kit to create an elegant, covered visitation space which T-C Rotary donated and erected at the Errinrung Retirement Home in Thornbury.

With the support of Thornbury Home Hardware Building Centre, T-C Rotary was able to keep the purchase costs for the kit and supplies to about $1,000.

Once up, the pagoda was immediately enjoyed by the residents and their families.

That’s how some of your generous donations were spent.

Thank you.