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Recovery Task Force

Recovery Task Force

The Blue Mountains Recovery Task Force

In April 2020 the Town of Blue Mountains formed a task force in response to the Coronavirus and the concerns of the community. This task force is comprised of members of Town Staff, Council, local Business Owners, various Associations and Community Service Groups.  

April also saw the launch of the Town's website exploreblue.ca which was instrumental in T-C Rotary’s ability to promote our highly successful Hope in the Valley "Stay-At-Home Gala". It has also given our local businesses the opportunity to produce "Open for Business" promotional videos.

During the task force meetings T-C Rotary has had the opportunity to share its successes with the task force. These include our support of Beaver Valley Outreach, the purchase and distribution of Foodland and Pharmasave gift cards and the other club initiatives referred to in this newsletter.

We continue to update the task force with these initiatives and the Town of Blue Mountains has expressed its appreciation for our club’s contributions to the community....and beyond.

Thanks to our community’s generosity, T-C Rotary is continuing to provide Covid-19 related community support where and when it is needed.

Thank you!