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Our Community Runs on Kindness

Our Community Runs on Kindness

Our Community Runs on Kindness

Our year-long Community Kindness Challenge kicks off July 1st!! 

Why kindness? Well, because there is scientific evidence that kindness actually helps to heal us emotionally and physically ... kindness soothes! Repeated acts of kindness decrease pain, stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure, while increasing happiness and lifespan. Yes, there is scientific evidence of this. And, just like laughter, kindness is contagious…so when you are the recipient of an act of kindness, its contagion makes it easier to pay it forward!!!

Let’s talk Covid for a moment…over the past 16 months Covid has caused much suffering and stress and anxiety around the globe. Our community has not been immune to this (pun intended). We are now, hopefully, seeing the back end of Covid, and life is now slowly starting to return to ‘normal’, whatever that may be going forward. So, we felt this was an opportune time to encourage our community to do more of what it already does well - being kind - because it just happens to be the best treatment for the emotional and physical toll Covid has inflicted on us.

Let’s challenge ourselves to fully understand and embrace all that kindness is.

A fascinating point about kindness is that it cannot be sustained without one being kind to oneself first…so let’s start by being kind to ourselves…each and every one of us deserves it! From there, it is a small step to repeatedly being kind to others and sparking a contagion of kind acts like we've not seen before.

So, watch for our July 1st big announcement about the activities planned for the month…we will be posting them right here on our website https://www.tcrotary.ca/community-kindness-challen.cfm as well as at 

  @ThornburyClarksburgRotary   and     @tc_rotary

Follow us so you don’t miss any of the fun!

And remember, we have a tracker (below) that you can download to keep track of acts of kindness you do or you receive or you observe – try to capture one for every week of the year…may they make your heart smile.

Kindness soothes

Your kindness to me raises me out of my grief.

My kindness to others soothes my body and soul beyond belief.

Sharing our stories of kindnesses done,

treasuring kind words under a smiling sun.

Let the magic of kindness bring us together in unity and, finally, relief.

                                 heart Join us in the kindness fun. heart



“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” - Scott Adams (yes, that Scott Adams, the one of "Dilbert" fame).


  • Kindness Tracker (577 KB)
    A 52 week Tracker for Acts of Kindness for participants to use