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Community Need

Community Need

Community Need: $10,000 Mental Health Support

Mental health can be supported in many ways. People in stressful circumstances face high levels of anxiety in their daily lives.  When every dollar counts to put food on the table, gas in the car, medicine in the cabinet and a roof over your head there is no “wiggle room”.

Then along comes a pandemic. Health officials require you to stay home, practice physical distancing, wear masks in public and wash your hands regularly. “Wait a minute,” you say! “I have to go to work! I need the money! How am I going to feed the kids?”

Our community was faced with difficult issues when the province locked things down. With schools closed, the kids were at home all day. Someone had to be there to supervise even if their workplace was still open. Physical distancing rules meant the kids could not play with their friends. They were at home all day. You can imagine how after weeks of managing this, parents might be climbing the walls and so might their kids.

Throw in loss of job. Throw in a childhood illness. Throw in an unexpected bill like a car repair. All these things add to the stress of an already challenging life. Anyone can reach a point where they just need a break.

Sometimes that break is in the form of a meal delivered to the door so you don’t have to cook tonight, or gas money so you can get to the doctor, or a gift card so you can shop at the drug store. And yes, sometimes it is professional counselling. It can be a range of things depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Most community mental health issues do not require medical intervention. They are immediate “rock and a hard place” issues. T-C Rotary and Beaver Valley Outreach were concerned that such needs would surface in the community and knew that as time went on more challenges would develop.

Recognizing BVO’s concern, T-C Rotary committed $10,000 to fund BVO’s initiatives in the Mental Health sphere.